Board + Trustees


Executive Board

President, Keith Gilbert
Vice President, Lisa Baer
Treasurer, Diane Nockles
Secretary, Carolyn Montie
Exchange Representative, Stacy Osur


Members of the Corporation

All who have donated at least $25 to The Lincoln Old Town Hall Corporation within the prior calendar year are members of the Corporation with full voting rights. We encourage all members to participate in the care and keeping of this treasured historic landmark by attending the annual meeting each spring.





Peggy Boyer
Giles C. Browne
Carol Caswell
Jefferson Eaton
Margaret Flint
Linda Hammett Ory
Bonnie Higgins
Cathy Jahrling
Bruce MacDowell
Janice McQuaid
Richard McQuaid
William Munroe
Andrew Pang
Tucker Smith
Robert Soluri
Dorothy Taylor
Rob Todd